Clinical Research Activities

In addition to producing a basic science paper, it is anticipated that the fellow will design and participate in several clinical research projects. Many members of the REI faculty are involved in clinical research and actively pursue the fellows to participate in their research. Dr. Engmann has completed the Clinical Research/Reproductive Scientist Training Program (CREST). This additional training allows Dr. Engmann to serve as an excellent resource for the fellows helping them with study design and statistical analysis. All patient information is entered into an electronic medical record system which can be queried to retrieve data for investigative purposes. The Division has a full-time research coordinator who assists the fellows with IRB applications, patient consent, data collection and data entry. Fellows also have the option of obtaining a Master’s degree in Clinical and Translational Research. This is a two year, 24 credit hour program designed to prepare fellows for an academic career.

Regular divisional journal clubs and research review sessions allow dedicated time to critique ongoing research efforts and keep projects moving forward. There is ample opportunity to become involved with new projects and ongoing projects. PGY2 and PGY3 residents eager to pursue REI are often involved in these meetings, as are invited basic science and laboratory faculty.