Hereditary Cancers

If you have a family history of certain cancers, you may be more likely to develop cancer based on your inherited genes. The UConn Health Hereditary Cancer Program can help you discover if your risk of developing these hereditary cancers is higher than average which can allow you to make more informed decisions about your healthcare.

To begin assessing your level of risk, your personal and family medical history is collected. Then you will receive a personalized risk assessment for certain cancers and for hereditary cancer syndromes, and the options for genetic testing are discussed. If you are found to be in a higher risk category, your doctor may recommend careful observation for early detection and increased survival rates.

The Hereditary Cancer Program offers an in-depth risk assessment of families with multiple cancers (of the same or different type). Family histories are reviewed in detail, medical records are obtained on affected individuals, diagnoses are confirmed, and an assessment is made of the family’s and the individual’s risk for inherited cancer.

Screening and management options are provided for family members based upon their individual cancer risk. Associated lifestyle risk factors are also discussed. For a growing number of cancer types, genetic (DNA) testing can be arranged to determine an individual’s cancer risk more precisely. It is preferable to begin genetic testing with a family member already affected by cancer.

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