The faculty at UConn Health are engaged in a broad range of research activities within the basic, behavioral, and biomedical sciences with the goal of improving the health and well-being of the people of Connecticut and populations across the globe. We seek to expand our knowledge of the basic life sciences in order to propel the development of new and innovative drugs and treatments. Our research programs are primarily funded through federal and foundation grants, with greater than $85 million in extramural research support for the current year.

Our clinical research programs encompass a broad range of contemporary medicine, with particular strengths in the areas of addiction studies, aging, and cardiovascular disease. Numerous opportunities exist for patients and the public to participate in a variety of ongoing clinical studies.

Our basic research strengths range from the study of the structure and function of macromolecules, to bacteria and viruses, through cell biology, the organization, development and function of tissues, and to the function and behavior of the entire organism and different populations. Particular strengths of our basic research programs include structural biology, cell analysis and modeling, musculoskeletal biology, biomaterials, immunotherapies, stem cells and regenerative medicine. The recent addition of Jackson Laboratory (JAX-GM) to our campus has also added strength to the areas of genetics and genomic sciences.

UConn Health views research as a primary path to expanding the successes of modern medicine. It is our goal to continuously identify potentially fruitful areas of research and incorporate them, so we can continually improve and push the boundaries of medical practice.

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