Cancer Fatigue Interdisciplinary Clinic

Through the generosity of the Charlotte Johnson Hollfelder Foundation, the Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center offers a specialized program providing treatment and support for the debilitating fatigue that affects patients undergoing cancer treatments.

It is estimated that nearly 90 percent of people receiving chemotherapy and radiation experience fatigue. This is a serious side-effect that can result in anemia, thyroid problems, and electrolyte disturbances. Additionally, fatigue can lead to depression, anxiety, or social withdrawal. Researchers have found a correlation between excessive fatigue and a poor prognosis. The cancer fatigue clinic uses medications along with innovative approaches to individual or group therapy to treat symptoms.

Care is provided by Jayesh Kamath, M.D., Ph.D., professor of psychiatry, who is dedicated to relieving fatigue in every cancer patient through the clinic and continuing his research of possible causes and treatments.

Dr. Kamath’s work is made possible by a gift from the Charlotte Johnson Hollfelder Foundation, which was established by Fred Hollfelder in honor of his wife, who survived breast cancer and died of an unrelated illness. The Charlotte Johnson Hollfelder Foundation has made many gifts to help women with breast cancer, including an ongoing program to help cover the costs of mammography for women with little or no insurance.

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