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Steroid Softens Tumors for Chemo

Two conceptual images of a cancer tumor blood vessel. In (A), the right side of the blood vesse is leaky, with a large pore that allows too much fluid to leave the vessel. The left side shows the same blood vessel after dexamethasone treatment; the pore is smaller and the vessel less leaky.

A common drug used to alleviate the side effects of cancer treatment may also make the treatment more successful if given beforehand, reports a consortium of research institutions including the University of Connecticut.

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Meet Dr. Jennifer Ozimek

Practicing medicine at UConn Health is a dream come true for Jennifer Ozimek. The primary care physician set her sights on UConn while attending a clinical career day in high school. After graduating from UConn medical school and doing her residency here, she now enjoys caring for patients in the community where she grew up.

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