94-Year-Old Stronger Than Before Hip Fracture

Ruth Vaccaro, 94, of South Glastonbury, does leg presses at UConn Health.

After a hip fracture, statistics show that over 75% of older adults never return to their pre-fracture level of daily function and mobility. But 94-year-old Ruth Vaccaro of South Glastonbury is beating the odds thanks to STEP-HI, an innovative clinical trial underway at the UConn Center on Aging at UConn Health.

Read more about Ruth's recovery and the STEP-HI study.

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UConn Health Minute: Surviving a Stroke

Every 4 minutes someone in the U.S. dies from a stroke. Quick treatment is key to improved outcomes. The renowned experts at UConn Health’s Stroke Center perform the most advanced procedures - greatly increasing a patient’s chances of surviving a stroke and reducing long-term disability.

Learn more about our Stroke Center.

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