Patient Stories

Shoulder Surgery

Patient Barbara Howard and Dr. Gus Mazzocca

When Barbara Howard injured her shoulder playing tennis, she knew she needed surgery but she wanted the repair when it was best for her. Dr. Augustus (Gus) D. Mazzocca, chair of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the UConn Health Center, worked with Barbara and kept her competitive until she was ready for the procedure. She accomplished her goals and is now back playing the sports she loves even better than before.

4-in-1 Foot Surgery

Patient Jenny Smith and Dr. Vinayak Sathe

Jenny Smith tore a tendon in her right ankle – but that wasn't her only problem. She also had bunions, flat feet and a splayed heel. She needed an extremely experienced surgeon to fix her foot in one procedure and she found it at the UConn Health Center and Dr. Vinayak Sathe, orthopaedic surgeon at the UConn Musculoskeletal Institute

ACL Knee Repair Surgery

Patient David Harms and Dr. Robert Arciero

When martial arts instructor David Harms severely damaged his knee, his confidence in performing taekwondo also took a hit. But now Harms is back, even better than before, thanks to orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Robert Arciero and the physical therapy team at the UConn Musculoskeletal Institute.

ACL Knee Repair Surgery

Patient Kalana Greene and Dr. Robert Arciero

Kalana Greene, former UConn basketball star and current WNBA player with the New York Liberty, suffered a devastating knee injury while playing for UConn. She could've chosen any doctor in the country to repair her ACL, but she chose Dr. Robert Arciero.


Shoulder Loss Ligament Repair

Patient Ashley Orifice and Dr. Gus Mazzocca

She was told she’d need multiple surgeries and would never play field hockey again. But a UConn expert allayed her fears and kept her in the game -- with just one minimally-invasive procedure..

Knee Surgery/Repair

Patient Kathleen Coyne

After partial knee replacement surgery, she’s back gardening, hiking and walking the family’s best friend.

Shoulder Surgery/Repair

Patient Richard Gaenzle and Dr. Gus Mazzocca

Rotator cuff repair surgery, and a personalized rehabilitation plan, helped this swimmer dive right back in.

Hand Surgery/Repair

Patient Lisa Hart and Dr. Craig Rodner

The music came back after hand surgery and allowed her to play piano again.

Arthritic Shoulder

Patient Sue Norland and Dr. Robert A. Arciero

Arthritic pain was a problem for this house-painter until surgery helped her move pain-free.