Our team of physicians, faculty, and researchers is leading the way in musculoskeletal care to get our patients better and back to life faster. Our collaborative, multidisciplinary approach makes tomorrow’s solutions possible today.

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The UConn Musculoskeletal Institute has active basic science and clinical research programs to develop new therapeutic regimes that will improve the quality of life of our patients and evaluate the effectiveness of the therapies that we are using to treat our patients.

Orthopaedics vs. Orthopedics

The origin of the word is derived from orthopédie, a French term coined by 17th-century physician Nicholas Andry. Evolved from the Greek words for 'straight' (orthos) and 'child,' orthopaedics was first practiced as a way to treat childhood spinal deformities such as polio and scoliosis. The field has grown to encompass a wider range of conditions and treatments, and is no longer limited to the treatment of children.

In the Musculoskeletal Institute, we use both spellings. In line with most universities, we apply orthopaedics to our educational and research programs. In our Orthopedics & Sports Medicine practice, we have adopted the Americanized version of the word, because it is more concise and easily recognized by patients.