Program Features

Fellows spend approximately an equal amount of time during their fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care rotations at our three hospital locations. Our fellow’s scholarly experience is distributed over their fellowship duration with each PGY-IV having 1-month, PGY-V participating in two months and PGY-VI three months of allotted time. At the completion of their scholarship, the fellow is expected to present their findings at Grand Rounds and at a national meeting. Additionally, electives can be spent at the Hospital for Special Care or to pulmonary function testing and polysomnography interpretation and sleep lab experience. The fellowship program provides ample outpatient experience, with each fellow having a one-half day per week continuity clinic experience at an affiliated site with responsibility for the outpatient management of a group of assigned patients for the duration of the fellowship. Nighttime and weekend call is shared among all fellows.

The fellows take part in several structured conferences throughout the program. There is a weekly Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Grand Rounds at UConn Health. There is also a weekly didactic conference directed at the fellow training level. There is a Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Journal Club that convenes monthly and board review sessions. Each of our affiliated hospitals provides scheduled conferences for the fellow’s participation as well.