Educational Allowance

The residency program covers all expenses for each resident for one educational benefit per academic year. Additionally the program covers AAOA dues, AAO-HNS dues, NEOS dues, BoardVitals membership, American College of Surgeons Otolaryngology Fundamentals (PGY1), and surgical loupes (PGY2) for each resident. The choice of meeting must be approved by the attending staff. Residents require permission to attend a course. Meeting examples include:

  • PGY1: The first-year otolaryngology resident will be sent to Boston Children's CORES Boot Camp.
  • PGY2: The second-year residents will, in place of a meeting, receive a book allowance.
  • PGY3: The third-year residents will attend the Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meeting (COSM) (various locations).
  • PGY4: The fourth-year residents are expected to attend the Annual American Academy of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery Expo (various locations).
  • PGY5: The chief resident is expected to attend the Osler Institute Board Review Course in Chicago.

Residents making podium presentations at national conferences are excused from clinical duties and their travel and conference expenses will be covered by the residency program.

In addition, residents routinely attend a number of one day meetings throughout the year, these include the Connecticut ENT Society Meetings (twice annually) and the New England Otolaryngology Society (NEOS) meetings (three annually).

The PGY2 residents are expected to present a case report and a relevant discussion that is related to the theme of each of the NEOS meetings and the PGY3-5 residents present at the Connecticut ENT Society Meetings.

Attendance at meetings/courses other than those that are recommended by the program is at the program director’s discretion.