Well-Being and Mindfulness

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The University of Connecticut is dedicated to producing practice-ready, well-balanced physicians. We continue to support resident well-being through several ongoing activities and programs.

At the institutional level, we have implemented a self-assessment tool for residents to monitor their level of stress/burnout. Free, confidential counseling/mental health services are provided to any resident or fellow who feels they are in need. They have access to the Employee Assistance Program and free confidential counseling by MD and non-MD providers. The residents also have access to a gym at both UConn Health and Hartford Hospitals.

UConn School of Medicine Graduate Medical Education is committed to supporting the well-being of all our residents and fellows during their training program. For a full list of resources offered through UConn Health, the Capital Area Health Consortium and the broader community, please visit the Graduate Medical Education Office Well-Being website.

The GME office alone, or in partnership with the UConn Foundation, has sponsored social events to foster the sense of community among our programs. Programs have a well-being budget to plan activities at the program level. The GMEC has also addressed work-life balance by approving a new GME-wide policy that no resident should be scheduled for more than 75 hours in any week.

At the program level, monthly protected time is provided for well-being group activities, sponsored by the program, such as yoga, ropes course, escape room, etc. We have held grand rounds sessions on well-being for residents and faculty which included nationally recognized authority from within our specialty.

Wellness Adventure Group Photo