Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance and Cardiovascular Computed Tomography

The curriculum will provide the fellow with a working knowledge of both CMR and CCT methods and diagnostic utility, commensurate with COCATS Level 1 Training. Specifically, the fellow will acquire an understanding of the specificity, sensitivity, risks, costs, indications and contraindications, and diagnostic pitfalls of CMR and CCT. The experience should provide the fellow with confidence to incorporate these advanced imaging techniques into the clinical care of patients. At present, these studies are read by the radiology department at Hartford Hospital. There are several faculty members within the division of cardiology who are trained in reading CMR and CCT and are available for review of images. Elective time can be spent with cardiology faculty and online courses in CMR can be done in the second and third years of fellowship.

Correlation with angiographic, echocardiographic, radionuclide, and hemodynamic data, when available, will deepen the fellow’s understanding of various pathologic processes at work.

Dr. Vidya Nadig provides an overview of the Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance and Cardiovascular Computed Tomography program: