Certificate and Degree Opportunities for Fellows

Certified Medical Director in Long Term Care

A two-year program leading to the C.M.D. is under development, for fellows interested in obtaining the C.M.D., issued by AMDA, during fellowship. Fellows with career goals in this area should express this interest by the start date for the fellowship.

Masters in Public Health

The UConn M.P.H. program is based at UConn Health. With evening courses, fellows can participate during their first or second year. Fellows interested in pursuing an M.P.H. should express this goal as early as possible in the application process, particularly if interested in starting course work in the first year of fellowship. Fellowship educational funds may be applied to M.P.H. course work. Go Here for More Information.

Certificate in Health Professions Education

Dr. Thomas Van Hoof directs the summer courses that lead to the UConn Certificate in Health Professions Education. These courses prepare physician teachers in the areas of evaluation, curriculum design, and implementation, and focus on educational projects relevant to clinician educators. These courses are most appropriate for second year fellows, although may be undertaken by first year fellows.

Master of Science Program in Clinical and Translational Research

First year geriatric medicine fellows often take the foundational “Introduction to Clinical Research” course, offered late afternoons in the fall. Fellows interested in research careers are encouraged to apply to the masters program; fellowship educational funds may be applied towards required course work. Go Here for More Information.