Fellow Independent Projects


Mohammed Elsadany Management of cardiac amyloidosis in older adults


Mian Iftikhar The side effect profile of medications for insomnia when used in older adults with cognitive impairment


Imran Ali Neurocognitive Impairment in Older Adults with Melanoma or Non Small Cell Lung Cancer in Setting of Immunotherapy
Samah Hajjar The association between fall incidence and sleep quality among community-dwelling older adults with dementia and depression
Manish Kumar Impact of demand ischemia on mortality in patients with delirium


Ryan Darnall UTI’s in those with Dementia-Room for Improvement? Quality improvement Project


Saeeda Qadri Effect of apathy and cardiovascular disease burden on cognitive outcomes in older adults
Mamta Singh Rate of utilization of bladder diary by the physician in the care of older incontinent patients
Germine Soliman The Impact of Psychological Resilience on the Functional Recovery Following Orthopedic Surgeries in the Older Adults, A Systematic Review


Raquel Canete The Perceived Value of Certification in Medical Direction
Sai Aparna Nelakanti Analysis on documentation of delirium (using CAM) and use of delirium order set at UConn John Dempsey Hospital
Scott Welsh An Examination of the Relationship Between Cardiovascular Parameters and Cognition using Data from the UK Biobank Cohort


Annabelle Rae Chua Polypharmacy and IADL impairment in older adults with and without depression
Aileen Pangilinan Dementia Management Self-Efficacy: Comparison of Latino and White Family Caregivers
Vincent Varilla Successful Older Adult Transitions from Nursing Homes to the Community: Factors that Predict ED Visits and Hospitalizations


Harsha Karanchi Boning up on hyponatremia
Dawn Murphy Connecticut Money Follows the Person (MFP): Use of Assistive Technology
Dawn Murphy A minimally invasive alternative to surgery in frail elderly with acute cholecystitis: a case report
Nailia Vodovskaia Headache disorders in elderly


Sangmo Park Change in physical performance in older men and women: Role of protein supplement, diet, and obesity
Geetika Sachdeva Depressed but Happy the way I live
Prerak Shah An typical scabies and widespread ramifications


Dwaipayan Chakraborti Melatonin for prevention and treatment of delirium in elderly patients: a systematic review


Tsewang Gyurmey PTSD in the Elderly: A Review
Lorand Kristof Experiences of Informal Caregivers of Older Adults Discharged from Nursing Homes to the Community through the Money Follows the Person Demonstration Program


Kannan Sivaraju Severely suppressed bone turnover and atypical skeletal fragility due to long term use of bisphosphonates - an evidence based review
Fade Mahmoud Primary Care physicians’ knowledge, attitudes, and practice regarding their impaired driving-elderly patients


Ashley Hendrix Primary Care physicians’ knowledge, attitudes, and practice regarding their impaired driving-elderly patients
Michael Isaac A study of mandated annual urinalysis in long term care facilities
Shobha Karan A meta-analysis of the effect of DHEA on muscle strength and function
Marguerite Taillefer Atypical presentation of Creutzfeld - Jacob Disease in a 75 year old woman