Adam Wright (Class of 2018)

The University of Connecticut Residency in Anesthesiology is a wonderful place to learn and grow into an expert Anesthesiologist. Our program is affiliated with 4 hospitals, exposing us to 7 different busy anesthetizing sites over the course of the three years of advanced training. This has made me very flexible in my ability to provide anesthesia care in many settings. Starting my CA-3 year, I have already completed and exceeded every ACGME case minimum requirement for graduation. Competition for cases is not an issue. Regional anesthesia is one of the very strong aspects to our program. I have placed hundreds of regional blocks, and have 3 elective blocks in regional anesthesia over the course of the upcoming year. Work-life balance is planned in such a way that you can plan on dinner at home on days that you are not on call. I feel well prepared for fellowship or entering the job market as a result of my time at the University of Connecticut.

Azuka Onye (Class of 2018)

Great cases in cardiac, vascular, thoracic and OB! There are an abundance of opportunities to use new and innovative techniques. We have faculty who care and want us to get the best out of our clinical and educational experiences.

Amruta Desai (Class of 2019)

Most medical students upon matching into residency will hope that they will be matriculating into a program that will allow them to flourish, and I truly believe as a current CA-2 that the Anesthesiology Residency Program at the University of Connecticut does just that. The program has been committed to excellence in teaching as well as patient care. Residents have been fortunate enough to manage very complex cases early on in their training especially by starting specialty rotations in advance. The program provides such great clinical experiences especially in a friendly environment with faculty that are dedicated to academia. We are also fortunate enough to rotate through multiple hospitals allowing for exposure to varying clinical environments. I feel that I am quite fortunate to be training in such an institution and I welcome others to consider this program as well.

Casey Savage (Class of 2019)

I chose University of Connecticut Residency in Anesthesiology because when I interviewed here, the people that I met were kind, motivated, and seemed very resident-centered. After spending the past two years here I realize my intuition was right. I love UConn for so many reasons. The size of the program creates a family-like environment. As a resident I am challenged daily with complex cases, taking care of patients with many co-morbid conditions. Throughout every obstacle along the way I have tremendous support from my co-residents, attendings and program director. I know that when I complete residency not only will I have my choice of fellowship or job opportunities but I will also have the skills, confidence, and team-mentality necessary to take care of patients in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

Samuel Gammerman (Class of 2020)

CA-1 year of residency with the University of Connecticut Residency in Anesthesiology Program has been fantastic. I have been immersed in clinical anesthesia, am learning advanced techniques and physiology and have been given independence in the operating room. The support from the faculty has been outstanding. The program is forward thinking and is focused on giving the residents all of the tools needed to succeed as physician anesthesiologists. You could say that the University of Connecticut Residency in Anesthesiology is almost paradise!

William Stuart (Class of 2020)

I feel extremely fortunate to have matched at UConn for residency. Already as a CA-1, I have been exposed to challenging cases requiring advanced airway and procedural skills. After only a few months into my CA-11 year, I have autonomy to manage my patients, but with the right amount of supervision from attendings who love what they do and truly care about resident education. The multiple hospitals we go to (all within a few miles) allow us to see different patient populations and different anesthetic techniques to add to our arsenal. Coming from Boston/NY, I was weary of what West Hartford had to offer, but the camaraderie amongst the residents and the food/social scene make this a great place to live!