Chief Residents’ Welcome Letter

Dear Applicants,

Welcome to the University of Connecticut Anesthesiology Residency Program! We are excited to share the many aspects of this program that make it an excellent training environment for future anesthesiologists.

The University of Connecticut School of Medicine is located in scenic Farmington, CT where you will be exposed to multiple hospital settings during your training. As a resident, your time will be divided among four hospitals: UConn John Dempsey Hospital, Hartford Hospital, Saint Francis Hospital, and Connecticut Children’s. The experiences at each hospital are unique; this exposure to a wide range of academic and clinical settings will be invaluable as you plan the next steps of your career. Hartford Hospital boasts the second-largest surgical volume in New England after Massachusetts General Hospital, and Connecticut Children’s is one of two freestanding children’s hospitals in New England. Both Hartford Hospital and Connecticut Children’s are level-1 trauma centers and provide ample opportunity to work on complex and challenging cases. Our residents graduate as competent and adaptable attending anesthesiologists who have the skills to thrive in any situation.

One of the highlights of our residency program is the dual focus on academics and clinical skills. Each week the anesthesia residents meet for didactics sessions, in which we discuss journal articles, case studies, and prepare for written and oral boards. These sessions nurture academic curiosity and foster camaraderie among residents. In addition to our structured didactic and lecture sessions, our attendings are committed to teaching everyday within the operating rooms and take a special interest in the education of our residents.

UConn is also an outstanding program for residents interested in clinical research. Residents are encouraged to work with faculty on a research project or case studies, and to present their findings at national anesthesia conferences. Several of our residents have published their results in peer-reviewed academic journals, establishing UConn anesthesia as an excellent environment for both clinical and academic training.

Approximately one half of our residents decide to pursue a fellowship, including critical care, pediatric, cardiac, regional, and chronic pain specialties. UConn anesthesia residents earn fellowship positions at some of the best hospitals in the United States, further reflecting the exceptional education and training provided by our residency program. Both Saint Francis Hospital and Hartford Hospital offer a fellowship in regional anesthesia and in addition Hartford Hospital is in the process of developing a cardiothoracic fellowship.

We are enthusiastic about the quality of the UConn Anesthesiology Residency Program and look forward to meeting you during the interview season! Do go over the residency website for additional details about our program and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Peter Lam, M.D., M.P.H.
Derek Poulin, D.O.
Chief Residents, Class of 2021