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New Concussion Blood Test Shows Promise

A concussion is brain trauma brought on by a biomechanical force. It consists of a group of neurological symptoms that impair the patient for a variable amount of time. The symptoms are often not immediately obvious to the patient or an observer, making the diagnosis of a concussion challenging. The recent announcement of an FDA-approved…

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Improper Use of Smelling Salts a Growing Concern

By Dr. Anthony Alessi   Athletes are always looking for an edge that will improve performance. Often these efforts are ill-advised and at times harmful. One practice that has become popular among high-level athletes is the use of smelling salts to increase alertness. Smelling salts consist of spirits of ammonia. The use of smelling salts…

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As Cheerleading Evolves, Injuries Continue to Rise

By Dr. Anthony Alessi   The controversy over whether cheerleading should be classified as a sport or an activity is ongoing. One thing that is not disputed is that cheerleaders are athletes with athletic injuries. Cheerleading first became prominent in the late 19th century in Ivy League schools. In the 1920s, it became more common…

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