2017 MBB Departmental Retreat

Poster Winners
Poster Winners!

2017 MBB Retreat



2015 MBB Departmental Retreat

2015 MBB Retreat
Our 2015 departmental retreat was a grand success. Thanks to poster presenters and judges for your participation and congratulations to the winners.

Upcoming Events

  1. Oct 2 MBB JC: Elizabeth Szabo 12:00pm
  2. Oct 3 MBB Seminar: Dr. R. Andrew Byrd 12:00pm
  3. Oct 10 MBB WIP: Gianluca Arianna 12:00pm
  4. Oct 16 MBB JC: Caroline Guild 12:00pm
  5. Oct 17 MBB Seminar: Dr. Hesper Rego 12:00pm
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JC = Journal Club

WIP = Work in Progress talk