All students interested in the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry program must apply to the Biomedical Science Graduate program at UConn Health. Application to the program is made on-line. For more information on this process, please visit the admissions process page for the Graduate School. The deadline for all applications is December 1.

Students admitted into the Biomedical Science program receive stipend and tuition support from the Graduate Programs Committee for two years. During this time, students must perform a minimum of two and a maximum of four rotations in laboratories from any area of concentration including MBB. To join the MBB program, a student must select one of our affiliated faculty members as their thesis mentor. After the second year, students will be financially supported directly from their thesis laboratory. Under rare circumstances, a student may directly join a specific laboratory in the MBB program without performing rotations. However, an application to the Biomedical Science Graduate program is still required. For more information on rotation projects available in MBB, please visit individual faculty member profiles and select the lab rotations tab.