Visiting Speaker Seminars


Seminars will be virtual.  Event Link:


Date Presenter Title Time Location Host
9/14 Dr. Alexandra Pozhidaeva, UConn Health How Hsp70 chaperones bind client proteins Noon Jeffrey Hoch
9/28 Dr. Titia Sixma, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam DUB gymnastics: the allosteric regulation mechanism of USP7 Noon Irina Bezsonova
10/12 Dr. Vincenzo Venditti, Iowa State University Conformational disorder in regulation of enzyme catalysis Noon Wolfgang Peti
10/26 Dr. Paul Turner, Yale University Phage therapy to combat infections by antibiotic-resistant bacterial pathogens Noon Wendy Mok
11/9 Dr. Kylie Walters, Center for Structural Biology, NIH Outskirts of the Proteasome: substrate receptors and beyond Noon Irina Bezsonova
11/23 Dr. Michael J. Guertin, UConn Health Kinetic networks identify key regulatory nodes and transcription factor functions in early adipogenesis Noon Wolfgang Peti
12/7 Dr. Susan M Rosenberg, Baylor College of Medicine The DNA Damageome and Cancer Noon Low Learning Center and Webex Brandon Byrd (Mok lab)
12/21 Noon
1/4 Noon


Dr. Richard Losick, Harvard University Noon Maria Rocha Granados (Mok lab)
2/1 Dr. Trevor Moraes, University of Toronto Slam – a Type XI Secretion System for bacterial lipoprotein surface display & secretion Noon Melissa Caimano
2/15 Noon
3/1 Dr. Manal Swairjo, San Diego State University Deciphering the Pathways to Complex Nucleic Acid Modifications Noon Irina Bezsonova
3/15 Dr. Ernesto Canalis, UConn Health Monogenic disorders associated with pathogenic variants of NOTCH2 Noon Bing Hao
3/29 Dr. Xavier-Grana, Temple University Understanding B55/Protein Phosphatase 2A substrate recognition and a mechanism of inhibition Noon Wolfgang Peti
4/12 Dr. Hunmin Jung, UConn Targeting DNA repair/bypass and de novo Nucleotide Biosynthesis to train cancer for long term co-existence Noon Low Learning Center and Webex Dmitry Korzhnev
4/26 Noon
5/10 Dr. Voula Kanelis, University of Toronto Structural studies reveal insights into regulatory mechanisms in ATP binding cassette (ABC) proteins Noon  Zoom Irina Bezsonova
5/24 Dr. Heather Fairhead, Phico Therapeutics, UK  – CANCELED Noon  Zoom Wendy Mok
6/7 Noon
6/21 Noon