Visiting Speaker Seminars


(Seminars will be virtual)

Date Presenter Title Time Event Link Host
9/8 Dr. Fabio Almeida, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Computational and NMR studies of the role of the N-terminal domain of the nucleocapsid protein in the discontinuous RNA transcription mechanism of the SARS-Cov-2 Noon Almeida Seminar Recording Dmitry Korzhnev
9/22 Noon
10/6 Dr. Julia Oh,The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine From metagenomes to therapeutics: the human microbiome Noon Sandra Weller
10/20 Dr. Jonathan E.  Dworkin, Columbia University Putting Ribosomes to Bed Noon Peter Setlow
11/3 Dr. Simon White, University of Connecticute Exploring the structural diversity of the actinobacteriophage Noon White seminar link Irina Bezsonova
11/17 Dr. Eric S. Bennett, Wright State University Noon Gabrielle Valles (Irina Bezsonova lab)
12/1 Dr. Angela Groneborn, University of Pittsburgh Noon Jeffrey Hoch
12/15 Dr. Kristin Adolfsen, Zymergen Inc. Noon Wendy Mok
1/12 Noon
1/26 Dr. David Jeruzalmi, The City College of New York Mechanisms of Opening and Closing the Bacterial Replicative Helicase Noon Dmitry Korzhnev
2/9 Noon
2/23 Dr. Stephanie C. Weber, McGill University Noon Wendy Mok
3/9 Dr. Karin A Crowhurst, California State University, Northridge Noon Irina Bezsonova
3/23 Dr. Vivian Saridakis, York University Noon Irina Bezsonova
4/6 Noon
4/20 Noon
5/4 Dr. Michael Johnson, University of Arizona Noon Wendy Mok
5/18 Noon
6/1 Noon
6/15 Noon
6/29 Noon