Journal Club/Work-In-Progress


Mondays at Noon, Remote via Webex


MBB Conference Room E2036 (when conditions allow)


Date Presenter Title
8/29 Graduate Student Meeting n/a
9/5 Labor Day n/a
9/12 JC – Emilie Korchak (Bezsonova Lab) Branched ubiquitin chain binding and deubiquitination by UCH37 facilitate proteasome clearance of stress-induced inclusions
9/19 JC – Travis LaGree (Mok Lab) Ubiquitous mRNA decay fragments in E. coli redefine the functional transcriptome
9/26 JC – Elizabeth Szabo (Heinen Lab) Nucleotide imbalance decouples cell growth from cell proliferation
10/3 JC – Patricia Hare (Mok Lab) Crucial role and mechanism of transcription-coupled DNA repair in bacteria
10/10 Indigenous People’s Day n/a
10/11# JC – Caroline Guild (Heinen Lab) β-Hydroxybutyrate suppresses colorectal cancer
10/17 WIP – Margaret Vos (Page Lab) Using NMR spectroscopy to identify the binding interface between PP2A-B55 and its inhibitor ARPP19
10/24 JC – Mian Horvath (Oh Lab) Commensal segmented filamentous bacteria-derived retinoic acid primes host defense to intestinal infection
10/25# JC – Gianluca Arianna (Korzhnev Lab) Mechanism of nucleotide discrimination by the translesion synthesis polymerase Rev1
10/31 JC – Jonathan Batchelder (Mok Lab) Small-Molecule-Induced Activation of Cellular Respiration Inhibits Biofilm Formation and Triggers Metabolic Remodeling in Staphylococcus aureus
11/7 JC – Daniel Fairchild (Bezsonova Lab) R-loop formation and conformational activation mechanisms of Cas9
11/8# JC – Ruoyu Yang (Oh Lab) Human gut bacterial metabolism drives Th17 activation and colitis
11/14 JC – Dane Geddes-Buehre (Korzhnev Lab) The dimerization mechanism of the N-terminal domain of spider silk proteins is conserved despite extensive sequence divergence
11/21 Thanksgiving Recess n/a
11/28 JC – Angela DeMarco (Mok Lab) The giant staphylococcal protein Embp facilitates colonization of surfaces through Velcro-like attachment to fibrillated fibronectin
12/5 JC – Darien Levi Craft (Schuyler and Gryk Labs) Conserved allosteric ensembles in disordered proteins using TROSY/anti-TROSY R2-filtered spectroscopy
12/12 JC – Tvesha Parikh (Page Lab) Palmitoylation targets the Calcineurin phosphatase to the Phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase complex at the plasma membrane
12/19* Postdoc/Junior Faculty
12/26* Christmas – New Year
1/2* New Year’s Day Public Holiday
1/9* JC/WIP – Dr. Gautam Srivastava
1/16 Martin Luther King’s Day
1/23 JC – Sam Mahdi (Korzhnev Lab)
1/30 WIP – Jonathan Batchelder (Mok Lab)
2/6 WIP – Mian Horvath (Oh Lab)
2/13 WIP – Caroline Guild (Heinen Lab)
2/20 Washington’s Birthday
2/27 WIP – Daniel Fairchild (Bezsonova Lab)
2/28# WIP – Ruoyu Yang (Oh Lab)
3/6 WIP – Dane Geddes-Buehre (Korzhnev Lab)
3/13 Spring Recess
3/20 WIP – Tvesha Parikh (Page Lab)
3/27 WIP – Emily Korchak (Bezsonova Lab)
4/3 WIP- Patricia Hare (Mok Lab)
4/10 WIP- Darien Levi Craft (Schuyler/Gryk Labs)
4/17 WIP – Travis LaGree (Mok Lab)
4/24 WIP – Elizabeth Szabo ( Heinen Lab)
5/1 WIP – Gianluca Arianna (Korzhnev Lab)
5/8* WIP – Angela DeMarco (Mok Lab)
5/15* WIP – Sam Mahdi (Korzhnev Lab)
5/22* WIP – Dr. Sathish Padi
5/29* Memorial Day
6/5* JC – Dr. Andre Grassman
6/12* JC/WIP – Dr. Everton (Tom) Bettin

* These dates are outside of the academic calendar.