Journal Club/Work-In-Progress

2023 – 2024

Mondays at Noon, In-Person and via Webex


MBB Conference Room E2036


Date Presenter Title
8/28 Graduate Student Meeting
9/4 Labor Day
9/11 JC – Emilie Korchak (Bezsonova Lab) New insights into cancer: MDM2 binds to the citrullinating enzyme PADI4
9/12* JC – Rachel Godek (Page Lab) CHK1 Inhibitor Blocks Phosphorylation of FAM122A and Promotes Replication Stress
9/18 JC – Patricia Hare (Mok Lab) Precise spatial structure impacts antimicrobial susceptibility of S. aureus in polymicrobial wound infections.
9/25 JC – Travis LaGree (Mok Lab) Uropathogenic Escherichia coli infection-induced epithelial trained immunity impacts urinary tract disease outcome
10/2 JC – Elizabeth Szabo (Heinen Lab) WRN helicase and mismatch repair complexes independently and synergistically disrupt cruciform DNA structures
10/9 Indigenous People’s Day
10/10* WIP – Gianluca Arianna (Korzhnev Lab) “Characterizing Protein-Protein Interactions Within Translesion Synthesis”
10/16 JC – Caroline Guild (Heinen Lab) Selective advantage of epigenetically disrupted cancer cells via phenotypic inertia
10/23 JC – Jonathan Batchelder (Mok Lab) Growth Arrest of Staphylococcus aureus Induces Daptomycin Tolerance via Cell Wall Remodeling
10/24* JC – Daniel Fairchild (Bezsonova Lab) Structural and functional asymmetry of RING trimerization controls priming and extension events in TRIM5α autoubiquitylation
10/30 JC – Bethlehem Abebe (Chou Lab) Structure of the class D GPCR Ste2 dimer coupled to two G proteins
11/6 JC – Brooke Dreyer (Page Lab) Cryo-EM structures reveal native GABAA receptor assemblies and pharmacology
11/7# JC – Ruoyu Yang (Oh Lab) Neutrophil extracellular traps enhance S. aureus skin colonization by oxidative stress induction and downregulation of epidermal barrier genes
11/13 JC – Dane Geddes -Buehre (Korzhnev Lab) DNA double-strand break-derived RNA drives TIRR/53BP1 complex dissociation
11/20 Thanksgiving Recess
11/27 JC – Angela Power (Mok Lab) re-scheduled
12/4 JC – Tvesha Parikh (Page Lab) A split-luciferase lysate-based approach to identify small-molecule modulators of phosphatase subunit interactions
12/5# JC – Alexander Radecki (Vargas Lab) Secreted Akkermansia muciniphila threonyl-tRNA synthetase functions to monitor and modulate immune homeostasis
12/11 JC – Darien Levi Craft (Schuyler/Gryk Labs) Mechanism of antibody-specific deglycosylation and immune evasion by Streptococcal IgG-specific endoglycosidases
12/19 JC – Angela Power (Mok Lab) re-scheduled
1/8* MBB Prelim Prep
1/9 JC – Angela Power (Mok Lab) A Second Role for the Second Messenger Cyclic-di-GMP in E. coli: Arresting Cell Growth by Altering Metabolic Flow
1/15 Martin Luther King’s Day
1/16* JC – Mian Horvath (Oh Lab) Probiotic-guided CAR-T cells for solid tumor targeting
1/22 WIP – Emilie Korchak (Bezsonova Lab) Mutations in USP7 enzyme leading to Hao-Fountain syndrome
1/29 WIP – Rachel Godek (Page Lab) Mechanisms of substrate recruitment in Phosphoprotein Phosphatases
2/5 WIP – Ruoyu Yang (Oh Lab) Molecular mechanisms underlying Staphylococcus modulation of skin processes
2/13* WIP – Jonathan Batchelder (Mok Lab) Stimulating metabolism and biosynthesis to sensitize tolerant Staphylococcus aureus to antibiotics
2/19 WIP – Shermeen Khan (Setlow MA Student) Understanding the Impact and Function of Novel Integral Inner Membrane Proteins on Properties of Bacillus subtilis Spores
2/26 WIP – Bethlehem Abebe (Chou Lab) Biochemical, Structural, and Genetic Analysis of Pheromone Receptors in Yeast
2/27#* WIP – Travis LaGree (Mok Lab) Investigating metabolism of antibiotic-tolerant E. coli to fight recurrent urinary tract infections.
3/4 WIP – Dane Geddes-Buehre (Korzhnev Lab) Structure, Dynamics, and Inhibition of Protein Complexes in Translesion Synthesis
3/11 Spring Recess
3/18 WIP – Tvesha Parikh (Page Lab) Defining the role of Calcineurin activity in the Regulation of Signaling and Disease
4/8 WIP- Patricia Hare (Mok Lab) Metabolic Insights into Pseudomonas aeruginosa Fluoroquinolone Sensitivity and Persistence
4/15 WIP – Elizabeth Szabo (Heinen Lab) Functional analysis of variants of uncertain significance in the MSH6 mismatch repair gene
4/22 WIP – Angela Power (Mok Lab) Scratching the surface: solidifying substrates used for Staphylococcus aureus biofilm cultivation impact extracellular matrix composition and antibiotic tolerance
4/29 WIP – Caroline Guild (Heinen Lab) Investigating Selective Advantage of Mismatch Repair Loss in Colonic Organoids
5/6 WIP – Mian Horvath (Oh Lab) Microbiome Stimulation of Respiratory Epithelial Antiviral Innate Immunity
5/13* WIP – Alexander Radecki (Vargas Lab) Investigating the mechanism of adaptive translational fidelity of Salmonella enterica
5/20* WIP – Sam Mahdi (Korzhnev Lab) Opening-Dissociation Equilibrium of the β-clamp
6/10* WIP – Daniel Fairchild (Bezsonova Lab)
6/17 WIP – Darien Levi Craft (Schuyler/Gryk Labs)

* These dates are outside of the academic calendar.