Journal Club/Work-In-Progress


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MBB Conference Room E2036 (when conditions allow)


Date Presenter Title
8/30 Graduate Student Meeting
9/13 JC – Kerry Silva McPherson Arsenic Trioxide Rescues Structural p53 Mutations through a Cryptic Allosteric Site
9/20 JC – Kirby Madden-Hennessey Cycling cancer persister cells arise from lineages with distinct programs
9/27 JC – Thomas Bregnard Cancer cells escape autophagy inhibition via NRF2-induced macropinocytosis
10/4 WIP – Socheata Lim The Opening Dynamics of the β-clamp
10/11 JC – Emilie Korchak Papain-like protease regulates SARS-CoV-2 viral spread and innate immunity
10/18 JC – Angela DeMarco Metabolic differentiation and intercellular nurturing underpin bacterial endospore formation
10/25 WIP – Patricia Hare The Anti-Persister Playbook: Defensive and Offensive Strategies Against Antibiotic Treatment Failure
11/1 WIP – Brandon Byrd Investigating the Survival Strategies of Bacterial Phenotypic Variance
11/8 JC – Travis LaGree Exonuclease VII repairs quinolone-induced damage by resolving DNA gyrase cleavage complexes
11/15 JC – Darien Levi Craft NMR identification of a conserved Drp1 cardiolipin-binding motif essential for stress-induced mitochondrial fission
11/29 JC – Margaret Vos Identification of Integrator-PP2A complex (INTAC), an RNA polymerase II phosphatase
12/6 WIP – Kerry Silva McPherson Assembly of S. cerevisiae Polymerase ζ
12/13* JC – Dr. Elizabeth Szabo EXO5-DNA structure and BLM interactions direct DNA resection critical for ATR-dependent replication restart
12/20* JC – Dr. Paul Ross Wilderman Serine protease dynamics revealed by NMR analysis of the thrombin-thrombomodulin complex


1/3* JC – Dr. Peter Setlow A combination of Class-I fumarases and metabolites (α-ketoglutarate and fumarate) signal the DNA damage response in Escherichia coli
1/10* JC – Dr. Steve King A WDR35-dependent coat protein complex transports ciliary membrane cargo vesicles to cilia


1/24 JC – Sam Mahdi Illumination of serotonin transporter mechanism and role of the allosteric site
1/31 JC – Gianluca Arianna Structure and mechanism of B-family DNA polymerase ζ specialized for translesion DNA synthesis
2/7 JC – Victor Yu A dual role in regulation and toxicity for the disordered N-terminus of the toxin GraT
2/14 WIP – Emilie Korchak Mutations in USP7 gene leading to the Hao-Fountain syndrome
2/22 WIP – Angela DeMarco Alone and Together: Investigating How Bacteria Survive Stress in Isolation and Communities
2/28 WIP – Travis LaGree Strategies for the potentiation of existing antibiotics against slow/non-growing Escherichia coli
3/7 WIP – Thomas Bregnard Conformational exchange at a C2H2 zinc-binding site facilitates redox sensing by the PML protein​
3/21 WIP – Elizabeth Szabo Functional analysis of variants of uncertain significance in the MSH6 mismatch repair gene
3/28 WIP – Victor Yu Mechanism of action of MqsR, a noncanonical bacterial RNase toxin
4/4 WIP – Darien Levi Craft  – CANCELED
4/11 WIP – Margaret Vos Using NMR spectroscopy to define the binding elements between PP2A-B55 and its endogenous inhibitors
4/18 WIP – Sam Mahdi Structure and Dynamics of the E. coli Clamp Loader
4/25 JC – Patricia Hare Mutations in respiratory complex I promote antibiotic persistence through alterations in intracellular acidity and protein synthesis
5/2 WIP- Gianluca Arianna Studying Protein Interaction Mechanisms in Translesion Synthesis
5/3 WIP- Darien Levi Craft “Workflows and Quantitative Tools: Striving for an Automated Approach to NMR”
5/9* JC – Dr. Suzy Torti Ferroptotic damage promotes pancreatic tumorigenesis through a TMEM173/STING dependent DNA sensor pathway
5/16* JC – Everton (Tim) Bettin An ancient divide in outer membrane tethering systems in bacteria suggests a mechanism for the diderm-to-monoderm transition
5/23* JC – Dr. Ann Cowan  – CANCELED
6/6* JC – Ann Cowan  – CANCELED
6/13* WIP – Dr. Wolfgang Peti
6/27* JC – Dr. Bing Hao

* These dates are outside of the academic calendar