Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellowship

Welcome to the University of Connecticut Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program at Connecticut Children’s. Our goal is to provide our fellows with a well-rounded experience in Pediatric ID. This includes clinical and non-clinical experiences that involve a variety of patient care opportunities in the outpatient and inpatient settings. The fellow will also be given individual responsibilities that will gradually increase, fostering autonomy through direct experience. It also includes exposure to microbiology, immunology and antimicrobial stewardship program. One important pillar of training is research-related activities. These include research related to a scholarly activity as well as a variety of research topics that are tailored to the fellow’s interests. We also encourage fellows in coming up with their own research questions and provide support accordingly.

Dr. Hassan El Chebib is the Program Director. Dr. El Chebib and the rest of the staff have a deep interest in fellow education and will provide guidance and support through the entirety of the program.

On behalf of the Pediatric ID staff, we welcome your interest in the program.

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Hassan El Chebib, M.D., FAAP

Hassan El Chebib, M.D., FAAP
Program Director