• There are 8 blocks (32 weeks) total of dedicated research time during the first year and second years of fellowship.  Rotation time may be split between the first and second years to allow for proper pacing of fellow projects.
  • Research rotations are protected from clinical time.  Didactic and other standard curricular sessions remain protected during research blocks.
  • During the first year, 4 blocks (16 weeks) are dedicated research rotations.  During these blocks, PHM fellows learn research basics, develop a research project of their choice, and begin active research under the guidance of their primary research mentor.
  • In the second year, an additional 4 blocks (16 weeks) are dedicated scholarship and research rotations, in which the project concludes, culminating in drafting of the scholarly product, preparing and submitting to regional and national conferences (PHM and PAS), and academic journals.
  • Primary research mentors will be identified in the first 4 weeks of fellowship based on interests and alignment.  Primary research mentors will meet with the fellow at least monthly to ensure appropriate guidance.
  • Fellow research progress is monitored via a Scholarly Oversight Committee, composed of research faculty, which convenes every 3- 6 blocks to ensure proper pacing of the project.
  • Fellows are expected to submit an abstract to a national meeting at least once during their two years of training, to submit a manuscript for publication, and/or apply for extramural or intramural grant funding with favorable review to meet the scholarship requirements of the American Board of Pediatrics.