Mission and Aims


The mission of the Pediatric Cardiology Program is to train well rounded pediatric cardiologists who will be prepared for independent practice and provide the highest quality of care to patients from infancy through adulthood in either academic or a community cardiology setting. The robust clinical and research experience will include inpatient/outpatient cardiology, intensive care cardiology-post operative care, non-invasive imaging (echocardiography-2D/3D, cardiac MRI), invasive cardiology (cardiac catheterization/transesophageal echocardiography and electrophysiology) in addition to 12 months of dedicated research time. Ultimately, the graduate from the Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship will improve the health of children and adolescents though clinical excellence, research, teaching, community involvement and advocacy or to proceed with further specializations within all disciplines of pediatric cardiology.


The Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship Program will offer training tailored to individual learners, promoting wellness, camaraderie, and humanism in medicine. Our fellows will learn to maintain their well-being and to renew themselves in the face of the challenges their profession presents. Fellows will learn to bring meaning to their professional and personal lives through thoughtful and innovative changes in the conduct of their activities.

  1. Enable the trainee to become competent in all diagnostic and therapeutic areas of clinical pediatric cardiology so that they are capable of acting as a consultant.
  2. Educate and guide the trainee with methods of clinical and basic investigation and thereby build the skills needed to make important contributions to regional and national research programs.
  3. Be empathetic professionals that use a patient centered approach.
  4. Find a career in cardiology that excites them and pushes them to innovate the field.