Trainings for Parents & Professionals

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The UConn Health Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) offers workshops on the following topics. Content may be tailored to meet individual group needs and interests and range from a twenty minute program presentation on the AAP to a two-hour topic focused workshop. School systems, professional agencies and adoptive or guardianship support groups are welcome to contact the AAP at 860-679-4006 for more information or to schedule.

Adoption Assistance Program Informational Session

Participants will learn about post adoption benefits and services in Connecticut including the scope of services available through the UConn Health Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) to families formed through adoption and legal guardianship. This offering may be expanded to include exploration of risk and protective factors for post adoption success.

Life Books

Parents and professionals will learn about life books, including what they are, why they are important and how a child’s information should be shared. Information on how to gather information, construct a child’s story and include a child in the process will be explored. This workshop includes integration of Darla Henry’s 3-5-7 Model©.

Taking Adoption to School

While this training focuses on the needs of adopted children in classroom settings, it provides guidance around constructing curricula to insure inclusion of any student being raised in a non-traditional family. Teachers and school professionals will understand how a child’s experience with trauma may impact school behavior and academic performance. Participants will learn ways to create safe classroom environments conducive to learning.