Therapist Directory Application

Dear Adoption Professional,

The Connecticut Adoption Community Network (ACN) is a group of adoption professionals and parents who have come together with the vision of forming a collaborative partnership designed to support adoptive parenting. The ACN is organized and managed as part of the UConn Health Adoption Assistance Program.

Our work has included the development of this website to allow state-wide sharing of adoption news and events, and sponsorship of trainings for parents and professionals to support adoptive parents. Efforts have also focused on the development of a directory of adoption-competent clinical resources for families. While the ACN acknowledges the good work of the therapy community, it is our wish to identify professionals for this directory with specialized skill and expertise in adoption. Specifically, we seek the following:

  • Knowledge about adoption and the psychological impact of adoption on children and families.
  • Experience working with adopted children and their families.
  • Knowledge of the types of help available for adoption-related issues and problems.
  • Training or education in clinical adoption issues.
  • Therapists participating with, or willing to consider participating with, the state of Connecticut HUSKY insurance network.

We invite therapists with this expertise to complete the Application for consideration of inclusion in this directory.  There is no cost to be included on the ACN directory, and the information therapists provide will be shared with area families seeking adoption-competent support.

On behalf of Connecticut’s adoption community, thank you for supporting the many wonderful families formed by adoption.

Allyson Powell, LCSW
Program Director, UConn Health Adoption Assistance Program