Epidemic-Pandemic Impacts Inventory (EPII)

Purpose: The EPII is a tool designed to assess tangible impacts of epidemics and pandemics across personal and social life domains.

Development: Candidate items were constructed by a team of clinical and developmental psychologists with expertise in assessment of stress, trauma, resilience, and coping. Feedback from professionals across multiple disciplines (e.g., social work, pediatrics, medicine, anthropology) was incorporated in selecting and refining final items for of the measure, which was accomplished via expert consensus.

Psychometrics: Because the EPII is newly developed, there are no psychometric properties yet available. Use of the EPII in research studies will help to establish psychometric properties and will likely result in refinement of the tool.

Scoring: Optimal scoring procedures are not yet determined and will be informed by future research.

Permissions: Researchers are welcome and encouraged to use the EPII in their research studies. Researchers may disseminate the survey using a paper format or may convert items to an online survey format so long as the integrity of the instructions and items is maintained. Users shall not modify items without permission from the developers. Please inform us of your intention to use the instrument by sending an email to Dr. Damion Grasso at dgrasso@uchc.edu with the following information: (1) Principal Investigator(s), (2) Purpose of research study, (3) Population(s) studied, and (4) Study location(s). We appreciate your sharing your findings with us and are interested in forming collaboration.