Policy Committee

The Policy Committee is charged with developing an easily accessible database of UConn Health institution wide policies (i.e., those that include two or more of the following: School of Medicine, School of Dental Medicine, UConn John Dempsey Hospital, UConn Medical Group, Correctional Managed Health Care, or Central Administration).

Specific activities include:

  • Identifying institution wide policies that should be included in the database.
  • Reviewing policies under consideration for revision and recommending modifications so that they:
    • are clear to understand and interpret consistently
    • do not conflict with other institutional policies
    • have a common format with other policies
  • Publishing institution wide policies in an easily accessible database. Assuring indexing for these policies; establishing unique policy numbers; and providing a history of documented and dated approvals of policies and their revisions.
  • Assuring that a newly developed policy is vetted through proper channels.
  • Assuring that Board of Directors level and relevant University level policies are included for posting.

The Policy Committee does not have the authority to change the content or intent of policies, but may make recommendations for such changes to the committee(s) or persons who do have such authority.

Iris Mauriello, Chairman 860-679-3501
Clifford Ashton 860-679-7919
Chad Bianchi 860-679-3791
Grace Boucher 860-679-7023
John Brigada 860-679-4065
Wesley Byerly 860-679-6568
Mike Catrini 860-679-8784
Joseph Curreri 860-679-7636
Berenice Gerjuoy 860-679-6592
Sue Ellen Goodrich 860-679-3311
Donna McKenty 860-679-2232
John Peeples 860-679-2204
Denise Purington 860-679-3528
Caryl Ryan 860-679-7561
Dirk Stanley 860-679-3179
Connie Weiskopf 860-679-5518