Guide to UConn Health

UConn Health will be your home for the next four to ? years. You’ll learn here, work here, eat here, hang out here, and possibly even occasionally sleep here. The building’s a circle, so you can’t get completely, hopelessly lost (unless you go through the subbasement). Below are some ins and outs of the campus and what it has to offer.


To park on campus, you are required to have an official parking permit issued by UConn Health. You will be assigned a parking location and can park only in your designated area.

For details on parking, registration forms, shuttle schedules, and parking updates, visit the Parking and Transportation website. Their offices are located on the 3rd floor of the ASB-Administrative Services Building (behind the helipad near the roundabout).

Lyman Maynard Stowe Library

Library Hours

Library Card
Your UConn Health ID (later a record of how much graduate school has aged you) also doubles as your library card.

Books and Journals
The Stowe Library is a (bio)medical library containing over 150,000 volumes, and has current subscriptions to nearly 1,500 journals and access to over 52,000 electronic journals. If they don’t have the reference that you’re looking for, someone at the Information Desk can usually help you get it through interlibrary loan and many items can be found online.

Database Searches
Searches of computerized databases (biomedical journals) can be performed in the library. This is an extremely convenient system when you need to find information on a topic for class, journal club, research project, or just general interest. The computers are located on the B floor in the library. You can go to ANY computer in the library or in many labs.

Students are able to check out loaner laptops from the library for three (3) days. For more information on the loaner laptop program.

There are three photocopiers available for public use in the library. One takes coins at 10 cents a copy, while the other two use Vendacard copy cards which are available for purchase at the Information Desk. There is a $1.00 one time charge for the purchase of the card, and then copies with the card are $.07 a piece. Students are also able to make use of a scanner to scan documents to PDF for free.

Leisure Reading
If you’ve got the time, they’ve got the spot. Leisure reading includes multiple collections: General Leisure, Graphic Medicine, and Human Experience.

Police Department

Emergency: 911 or x7777
Non-emergency: x2121
Radiation Safety: x2250
The emergency room is located in the University Tower at the basement level.

The Police Station is located on the ground floor near Public Safety (aka “UConn Police Administration,” room LG041; where they take the photo for your UConn Health ID). Two of the services provided by the police department at UConn Health that you’ll probably use the most are the rides to your car after 7 p.m. (based on staff availability), and unlocking of unrestricted rooms. For the latter service, you need to show your UConn Health ID, which, of course, is usually locked in the room with your keys, but they’re pretty understanding. The Police can also jumpstart your car or help if you lock your keys in the car.

Also, be on the lookout for one of our police department’s newest officers, Officer Carson, and his human, Officer J.B. O’Reilly!  If you see Officer Carson around campus, please be sure to stop and say hello.  You can read more about him here and follow him on Instagram at @uconnpd_officercarson.

Please note that the officers on campus are State of Connecticut officers. Traffic rules are enforced on campus and the police will ticket you if you park in the wrong places, fail to stop at a stop sign, etc. These are ‘real’ state police tickets and the fines double after 10 days if you do not pay them. Also, it is a state law in Connecticut to yield to pedestrians in a cross walk!

UConn Health ID: Your ID badge is necessary to enter the building at several entrances, as well as to go up to the lab floors in the main building, enter the student parking garage, get into the student lounge, etc. University policy requires that you wear your badge at all times while you are on campus. Replacing a lost ID badge will set you back $15, so be sure to keep track of it. You can find badging hours here.

Food Court/Starbucks

Food Court Hours
Weekdays: 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Weekends/Holidays: 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The Food Court is located on the Main Floor of the Connecticut Tower. Noon is NOT the best time to go to lunch since everyone else goes then, making the lines long and seating difficult to find. The time to go is before noon or after 12:45 p.m., although the selection is usually better before noon.

What you’ll like at the Food Court depends on your taste. There are a several different windows and each has a special for the day, which you can preview online (Sodexho Cafe). Check them all out before making your decision. The prices are fairly reasonable, and you can get a filling meal for around $8.00.

In addition to the Food Court, there is a Starbucks, located on the Main floor of the University Tower. Their hours vary during the week, so check at the store for the latest updates; they are closed on weekends. They offer Starbucks beverages, as well as sandwiches and treats.

Student Lounge and Wellness Center

Student Lounge
The student lounge (located across from the Men’s Restroom near the Academic Entrance) has foosball, ping-pong, pool, vending machines, a microwave, refrigerator, TV, stereo, and couches/chairs. The room is student badge access only.

Wellness Center
The UConn Health Wellness Center is located on the main floor, Academic Building, LM034. A 3,600-square-foot, 24/7, badge-access facility offering 13 cardio machines, 9 resistance machines, free weights, showers, a “healthy” vending machine, and two rooms for fitness classes.

Additional resources on student wellness can be found online here.

Where to Smoke (hint: nowhere)

If you’re a smoker, you’re out of luck here. UConn is a smoke-free environment and as of November 18, 2010, the entire campus is smoke, tobacco, and vape free; you will not be able to smoke on the UConn Health campus.

Building Codes

Finding offices and other locations at UConn Health can sometimes be a challenge. Here’s brief guide to what all those letters before the room numbers mean:

  • ARB-Academic Research Building (these rooms are also coded as ‘E’; a.k.a. ‘the new building’)
  • ASB-Academic Services Building (a.k.a. ‘down the hill’)
  • L-Laboratory Building (a.k.a. ‘the old building’)
  • A-Academic Building
  • H-Hospital
  • C-Clinics
  • M-Main Floor (level the Food Court is on)
  • G-Ground Floor (level the Massey and Keller auditoriums and Low Learning Center are on)
  • MUNS-Munson Road Building (where all the Human Resources, the International Office, and Finance people are located)
  • MARB-Medical Arts and Research Building
  • R-400 Farmington Avenue (Cell and Genome Sciences Building)

Generally, the first number or letter (in the case of the Main and Ground floors) indicates the floor and the numbers after that indicate the room.

So if you were looking for L4102, you’d go to the L building, 4th floor, room 102.

Other Handy UConn Health Information

There is a Webster Bank ATM located outside the Food Court, near the recycle/trash area.

Lost and Found is  located on the 7th Floor of the Connecticut Tower (take the 6 bank elevators by the cafeteria up to the 7th floor).

There are snack and soda machines in the food court seating area and outside the library entrance. Microwaves are available in the Student Lounge and the food court seating area. There is outdoor seating located in the center courtyard in the middle of the main building, outside the Student Lounge, and on the courtyard patio near the Public Safety entrance.

There is an outgoing U.S. Mail dropbox  outside the main entrance (closest to Garage 3).

Bike racks are located at the Academic Entrance and Public Safety entrance of the main building, as well as at 400 Farmington Avenue (Cell and Genome Sciences Building).

The UConn Barnes and Noble Bookstore is located on the Main floor of the Academic Building, one floor up from the Academic Entrance, next to the Academic Rotunda. Bookstore hours are currently Monday-Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m..

All house phones can be used to make local calls. Just dial 9 to get an outside phone line, and then the phone number. To dial a number within UConn Health on these phones, just dial the last 4 digits of the phone number. These phones are dispersed throughout the main building, including in the food court seating area, in some of the academic hallways

You can buy (or add copies to) a Vendacard copy card at the Information Desk in the library. Copy machines in the library take cards and cash. Copies are $.10 each with cash, $.07 each with copy card. There is a $1.00 one time charge for the purchase of the card, and then copies with the card are $.07 a piece. Students are also able to make use of a scanner to scan documents to PDF for free.

Wireless internet service is available throughout the main floor of UConn Health. Contact the IT department at x4400 for assistance in setting it up on your laptop.


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