Dealing with Administrative Details

Where do you go to deal with all your paperwork? Your stipend check? Student loans if you need them? The answers to these questions and more can be found at:

Barbara Ricketts
Room LM035

Assistant Registrar
Swapna Das
Room AM016

Fiscal Services
Carrie Berlepsch
Room AG060

The Graduate School Office is dedicated to assisting you in a number of ways. We are responsible for registering you for your classes, processing all grade sheets, and submitting all official paperwork to the main Graduate School Office which is located at Storrs. In addition, the Graduate School Office also acts as a source of practical counsel for all students. You should feel comfortable to come into this office at any time with your questions, needs, concerns, or problems. We will see that your matters remain confidential if you so choose. If we cannot help you directly we will refer you to the proper party(ies). Remember: We handle the bureaucratic day-to-day items for you so that you can focus on your academic work.

We highly recommend that each student refer to the Graduate School Catalog and read it. This is where all the specifics are listed. In this publication you will find an array of information which is important, and in many cases necessary for you to be aware of.

We would also like to point out that for many graduate students pursuing work at the graduate level can be very stressful. We do have counseling available to all students. Please do not hesitate to ask. Again, these matters are kept totally confidential.

We hope that your stay with us will be enjoyable and rewarding. Good luck in all you pursue!