Officers and Program Representatives

Please find below a list of the incoming officers for 2021-22, as well as the GSO constitution.
Feel free to email us with your concerns or comments, certainly those pertaining to graduate education policy which we can bring up at Graduate Programs Committee (GPC) meetings. We are interested in getting input regarding the GSO!

2021-22 GSO Officers

President: Corie Owen
Vice President: Dea Gorka
Treasurer: Iris Nakashima

Class Representatives

1st Year Rep: TDB
2nd Year Rep: Olivia Durham
3rd Year Rep: Rachel Gilmore
4th Year Rep: Andrew Harrison

AoC Program Representatives

Cell Biology: Corie Owen
Genetics and Developmental Biology: Dea Gorka
Immunology:Andrew Harrison
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry: Kirby Madden-Hennessey
Neuroscience: Megan Rouillard
Skeletal Biology and Regeneration: Adam Tanguay
Systems Biology: Milda Stanislauskas

Master of Dental Science Representative:

Committee Chairs

Academic Committee Chair: Rachel Gilmore
Social Committee Chair: Sarah Palko

GSO Constitution

rev 8/21