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Students and faculty have always recognized how hard it is to succeed academically in medical or dental school. In earlier generations, the profession assumed that this success would come at a personal cost that students just had to deal with. That cost might include depression, insomnia, loss of physical fitness, and that combination of depersonalization and cynicism that we call burnout. We now see that cost as unacceptable, and unnecessary.

The UConn Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine are committed to helping students navigate the personal challenges, maintaining and building physical health and psychological resilience… and finding not just survival but joy in their 4 years here. We invite you to explore this site, find the offerings that speak to you, and join your peers in trying them out.


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We have just learned of three wellness-promoting events that are of interest to students, residents, and faculty. In each case, the session and food are free. Follow the links to learn more and to register.

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