Finding a place to live can sometimes be a difficult and exhausting experience, but the following ideas should help you in your search to find a place to live in the Greater Hartford area.

UConn Health does not have on-campus housing, so you will need to find housing off campus. Very often students at UConn Health post advertisements for roommates or apartment rentals on information boards located throughout the building.

There is also a student housing group online that lists some of the available housing options as well as posts from  students seeking roommates from the Graduate, Medical and Dental Schools.

Additionally, a list of some of the local apartment complexes has been compiled to get you started in your search.

If you aren’t able to locate a place through either of these resources, or if you’re not interested in rooming with a fellow student, other choices for finding a suitable place to live would include the classified ads in both the New Britain Herald and the Hartford Courant, and free weekly newspapers such as Tradewinds and the Rare Reminder (each available at convenience stores in West Hartford and Hartford) are a good source for local apartments (usually those in two and three family homes).

Additionally, some websites that many students have found helpful include:

Scanning the classified ads can be time consuming though. An alternative to the classified ads is to use the Apartment Guide. This guide can be obtained in lobbies of banks and some grocery stores or at the West Hartford Chamber of Commerce. Virtually all the apartments advertised in the Apartment Guide are in large complexes located throughout the Greater Hartford area.

As a last resort, check with a local realtor, but keep in mind that the apartments that they have listed are often expensive.

Wherever you find a place to live, keep in mind that usually a security deposit equivalent to one month’s rent is required and sometimes a credit check (at your cost) will be conducted. However, many apartment complexes will offer specials throughout the year, especially in the summer, so be sure to ask if they have any deals!