Experience with neonatal intensive care procedures varies greatly among residency programs. Accordingly, all fellows must demonstrate competence with specific neonatal procedures individually under direct supervision and must be certified by the program in individual procedures before they may perform procedures with indirect supervision. Until certification in a procedure is achieved, the fellow is not listed as having privileges for the procedure on line in the Connecticut Children’s system.

Fellows are expected to be knowledgeable regarding which procedures they are versus are not certified to perform without direct supervision, and are expected to refrain from performing procedures without direct supervision unless they are certified.

Performance of procedures by fellows is monitored using

Prior to certification, performance of procedures is confirmed by a direct supervisor.

Following certification, fellows must continue to record procedures including patient name and medical record number. Accumulation of procedures is monitored throughout training, and cumulative totals are reportable to the American Board of Pediatrics and to prospective employers.

Whether performed under direct or indirect supervision, upon completing a procedure the fellow must document the procedure appropriately in the medical record.

If a fellow provides direct supervision for a procedure performed by another learner, the fellow should require the supervised learner to document the procedure appropriately, and should provide instruction in proper documentation when needed.

Certification in a procedure is granted by the Program Director based on accumulation of a designated minimum number of procedures performed successfully and the assessment of competence by direct supervisors.