Mission and Aims

  1. To administer the highest level of care to all newborn infants based on the understanding of basic pathophysiologic processes;
  2. To communicate effectively with the families of critically ill newborns, recognizing the primacy of their relationship with their infant and the importance of their contributions to the care of their infants;
  3. To identify the ethical and legal issues involved in perinatal and neonatal care and to apply these appropriately to the care of newborn infants and their families as well as to populations;
  4. To assess and monitor the neurological and developmental status of infants during hospitalization and at the time of post-discharge follow-up and to use community-based resources for their benefit;
  5. To understand and use the mechanisms of delivery of perinatal and neonatal care on a regional basis;
  6. To design and complete through preparation for publication one or more research projects, either clinical or laboratory.