The most remarkable advances in cardiovascular medicine started with basic and clinical research initiatives. At UConn Health, numerous research projects are carried out at the clinical and translational levels.

Our research interest covers general and almost every subspecialty of cardiology. Here are some of the examples of our ongoing research projects.

  • Echocardiography:
    • The imaging study of diastolic dysfunction and pathophysiology of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (Dr. Kai Chen)
    • advanced echocardiography such as strain imaging in cardiology practice (Drs. Agnes Kim, Dr. Kai Chen)
    • Assessment of cardiac abnormalities in sickle cell disease by echocardiography (Dr. Agnes Kim).
  • Cardio-oncology:
    • Biomarker and imaging predictors of chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity (Dr. Agnes Kim)
    • Knowledge gap of cardio-oncology among primary care providers (Dr. Agnes Kim)
    • Coronary calcium score in patients with cancer (Dr. Agnes Kim).
  • Heart Failure:
    • Guideline directed medical therapy and quality of care in HFrEF (Dr. Sara Tabtabai)
    • Outcomes in cardiac resynchronization therapy (Dr. Sara Tabtabai).
  • Interventional Cardiology:
    • Multi-vessel versus culprit-vessel and staged percutaneous coronary intervention in STEMI patients
    • Trans-ulnar versus trans-radial access for coronary angiography or percutaneous coronary intervention
    • comparison of standard versus low dose heparin on access-related complications after coronary angiography through radial access
    • rate and the factors associate development of dissection after balloon angioplasty for femoropopliteal arterial disease
    • renal denervation in the management of hypertension, among others (Dr. Mike Azrin, Dr. Juyoung Lee).
  • Electrophysiology:
    • Atrial fibrillation and left atrial dynamics and remodeling (Dr. Christopher Pickett, Dr. Heiko Schmitt, Dr. Kai Chen).
  • Preventive Cardiology:
    • Effect of diabetes mellitus on left ventricular strain (Dr. Agnes Kim).
  • Genetic Cardiology:
    • genetic mechanisms of inherited cardiomyopathy (Dr. John Hinson).
  • Translational Cardiology:
    • Endothelial dysfunction in coronary artery disease and cardiomyopathy (Dr. Kai Chen).
  • Basic Cardiology:
    • Signaling mechanisms of novel purine receptor in ischemic cardiomyopathy and heart failure (Dr. Bruce Liang).