Educational Conferences

Conference Schedule

Summer Survival Lecture Series

  • Starts in July/August and covers all the essential topics for first year fellows over an eight week time-frame

See sample lectures from our summer survival series.

Weekly Conferences

  • Morning report
  • Cardiac Catheterization conference
  • Electrophysiology/EKG conference
  • Cardiac surgery case conference
  • Cardiology lectures (twice a week)

We will offer the opportunity to join (remotely) our morning report and EKG conferences to applicants whom we are planning to interview.

Bi-Monthy or Monthly Conferences

  • Journal Club
  • Research Conference
  • Echocardiography Lecture Series/Imaging Conference
  • Heart Failure Lecture Series
  • City-wide Conference (Combined UConn Health and Hartford Hospital Fellow Conference discussing interesting cases)

Fellow Presentations

  • Each 3rd fellow is required to present in Grand Round
  • Each 1st and 2nd year fellow is expected to present in the City Wide conference and research conference twice a year
  • Each fellow is expected to present in journal club once a year
  • Fellows are expected present in morning report