Frequently Asked Questions

Does your institution sponsor H1B visas?


Is there a cut off of USMLE scores?

It’s unlikely we’ll consider applicants with:

  • USMLE score <200
  • COMLEX score < (450)
  • Failed these tests.

Do you need to take the USMLE Step 3 exam before applying?


How important is research for applying to your program?

Our goal is to train life-long learners who are always eager to absorb new literature and critically evaluate development in the field. Prior research is one of the the surest way to demonstrate interest in this area. We do not favor extensive research experience in the absence of clinical acumen.

How many applicants do you accept yearly?

We accept three applicants every year.

How many applicants do you interview?

We interview between 30 and 40 applicants.

Do you participate in the Matching Program?