Internet Activity, Live

An Internet Activity, Live course is an online course available at a certain time on a certain date and is only available in real-time, just as if it were a course held in an auditorium. Once the event has taken place, learners may no longer participate in that activity. (Example: webcast)

In addition to the application requirements, Internet CME activities, Live must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Activity Location: CME activities may not take place on a commercial entity’s (e.g., pharmaceutical company, medical device manufacturer) website.
  • Links to Commercial Websites: With clear notification that the learner is leaving the educational website, links from the educational website to a commercial entity’s website is permitted before or after the educational content of a CME activity, but shall not be embedded in the educational content of a CME activity.
  • Transmission of Information: All required information, including that which is part of the standard flyer, must be transmitted to the learning prior to the learning beginning the CME activity.
  • Advertisement: Advertising of any type is prohibited within the educational content of CME activities on the Internet. Prohibited advertising includes, but is not limited to, banner ads, subliminal ads, and pop-up window ads. For computer based CME activities, advertisements and promotional materials may not be visible on the screen at the same time as the CME content and may not be interleafed between computer windows or screens of the CME content.
  • Hardware and Software Requirements: At the start of each Internet CME activity, the program must indicate the hardware and software required for the learner to participate.
  • Contact Information: The program must enable participants to contact the program with any questions about the Internet CME activity.
  • Policy on Privacy and Confidentiality: The program must have, adhere to, and inform participants about its policy on privacy and confidentiality that relates to Internet CME activities.
  • Copyright: The program must have documentation that it owns the copyright or has the permission to use copyrighted materials that are part of an Internet CME activity.