Session Approvals

What is needed for your session approval

The RSS Administrator will send to the 10 business days in advance of the session date the associated session materials:

    1. CME Flyer (must use CME approved flyer template)
    2. PSNA Form for content collection of the speaker (if it will be a pre-session approval)
    3. Declaration Disclosures Form for your speaker(s)
    4. Letter of Agreements for commercial support (if applicable to your session and if not already on file with the CME office)
    5. Copy(ies) of the Content slides or materials from your speaker(s) (required if your speaker has identified a conflict on their declaration disclosure)
    6. Paper Evaluation (if your RSS does not use or has a hybrid method)

POST-SESSION: If your session is not using the PSNA Form for a pre-session approval, you will use the same PSNA Form to submit as your post-session document within 48 hour after the session date to (This process is usually dedicated to those activities approved to host case conferences or M/M case conferences.)


CME Session Templates

CME Flyer Template – Direct Providership Activities

CME Flyer Template – Joint Providership Activities

PSNA Form (use same form for either a pre-session or post-session content collection)

Declaration Disclosure Form

Letter of Agreement – Direct Providership Activities

Letter of Agreement – Joint Providership Activities

Single Speaker CME Evaluation Template

Multi Speaker CME Evaluation Template


Other Helpful Session Documents

Activity Director’s Key Steps in Mitigating Conflicts

Activity Director’s Guidelines in Content Review

Peer Review Template for Content Validation



Last Reviewed & Updated: December 1, 2021