CME Application Process

CME Application Timeline

In order to receive consideration, the Office of Community and Continuing Medical Education require the potential program planners to begin both the educational development of the CME and the CME application process at a minimum of 16 weeks prior to the anticipated date of the educational activity, which is usually done in tandem of each other. Ideally, the development/planning of the CME education and the application of the potential CME activity should be considered in the very early or initial planning phases, many times this could be 6 months or more prior to your anticipated activity date.

What You Can Expect for Application Process

Our CME educational development/planning and application process involves multiple steps and check points that requires both parties involved (the anticipated activity director(s) and activity administrator and the CME faculty/staff) to collaborate with combined effort prior in order for a final submission to be reviewed and approved. What you can expect with starting this process is first reaching out to our office as early in the the development or planning to initiate your interest in creating an approved CME activity. Next, the CME office will send you our preliminary application proposal form to complete (with all the required supporting documents requested) and submit back to our office. Once we receive your completed preliminary application proposal form, our office will review your proposal for CME and if it aligns with our vision/mission with our CME office, we will reach out to set up an application meeting. In the application meeting, we will start the collaboration process for your development of CME with reviewing your proposal and then guide you through the formal application form that will need to be completed (with all the required supporting documents) and submitted back to our office. Once you submit a fully completed application, along with all completed required supporting documents, our office will begin the formal approval review process. This final formal review process for CME approval can only be done once our office receives all completed required documents and is the final step in the application process.

Step 1 (Minimum of 16 weeks prior to anticipated date): Submit COMPLETED CME Preliminary Application Proposal & all required associated documents (this is not your application)

Step 2 (Minimum of 12 weeks prior to anticipated date): Schedule CME Application Meeting (if your CME Preliminary Application Proposal is approved)

Step 3 (Minimum of 8 weeks prior to anticipated date): Submit COMPLETED CME Final Application Form & all required associated documents (all forms and documents must be completed for final review)

Step 4 (Minimum of 2 weeks prior to anticipated date): Receive your CME Activity Approval Letter

Initiating the CME Application Process

To initiate a CME Application process, please email All CME application requests (new and renewals) are required to complete a preliminary proposal first before any formal meeting with our office is schedule and before completing the CME application. We encourage the Program Activity Director, Program Planners or Program Administrators who will be administering this potential CME offering to attend the CME meeting once scheduled.

View Our Sample CME Preliminary Proposal and CME Application

To view a sample of our application, please follow the links below. This document is for viewing purposes only, please do not print and complete.

Sample: CME Preliminary Proposal Form

Sample: CME Application Form

CME Pricing

Inquiries regarding pricing about a CME activity, please email our office at