Committee on CME

The Committee on Community & Continuing Medical Education (CCCME) will advise the Director and the Office regarding policies relating to CME. However, as the School of Medicine Education Council sets overall School of Medicine education policy, the Education Council delegates to CCCME responsibility to advise the Office on how to implement such policies.

CCCME will meet quarterly and its membership will include physicians, residents, and medical students. CCCME will maintain a minimum of 6 voting members, and a quorum for a meeting consists of 4 or more of voting members being present. The Director will nominate individuals to serve as members of CCCME after consulting with the Dean’s designee in the appropriate category. For example, the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education is consulted for the faculty representative of GME Program Directors and the resident representative and alternate. The medical student and alternate are selected by vote of the student body of the School of Medicine. Nominated members of the faculty will serve for a 3 year term and will have an opportunity to renew the term for an additional 3 years for a total of 6 years. The CCCME approves the membership. The School of Medicine Education Council reviews membership and policies of CCCME. (reference CME Policy #3: Administration)

The Committee on Continuing Medical Education serves as an oversight committee of the Office of Community and Continuing Medical Education. The Committee, comprised of health care professionals and educators, represents important stakeholders within UConn Health.


Melinda Sanders, M.D., Chair
Medical Director, CME

Srimathi Manickaratnam, M.D., Co-Chair
Associate Director, CME Accreditation & Commendation

Matthew Ledford, D.O.
Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine

Ketan Bulsara, M.D.
Associate Professor, Neurosurgery

Sanjay Mittal, M.D.
Associate Professor, Neurology

Michelle Zur, M.D. / Angela Quental, M.D.
Resident (plus Alternate)

Khaoula Ben Haj Frej / Michael Taylor
Medical Student (plus Alternate)


Kimberly Person
CME Program Administrator

Darice Schroeder
RSS Administrator

Christine Thatcher, Ed.D.
Associate Dean of CME

Christine McNally
Associate Director of CME


Reviewed and revised: September 2023