Current Clinical Trials

For more information about any of the clinical trials listed below, call Mark Cote, R.P.T., at 860-679-4932.

IRB Number Title of Clinical Trial Principal Investigator
08-207-2 Multi-Center ACL Revision Study (MARS) Robert A. Arciero, M.D.
15-043-1 Management of Multiple Ligament Knee Injury Robert A. Arciero, M.D.
16-068-2 Validation of the Single Assessment Numeric Evaluation Score as an Outcome Measure as Compared to the Foot Function Index Lauren E. Geaney, M.D.
15-144-1 Reliability and Validity of the Shoulder Functional Reach Scale: What Do Shoulder Functional Scales Measure? Matthew L. Hall, D.O.
16-084-2 Quality of Life, Clinical Outcome, and Satisfaction Following Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair. Long-term Follow Up in a Group of Patients Who Participated in a Clinical Trial. Augustus D. Mazzocca, M.S., M.D.
16-091-3 Humeral Head Migration Secondary to Rotator Cuff Pathology and Its Relationship to Night Pain Augustus D. Mazzocca, M.S., M.D.
13-151-1 Outcome Following Shoulder Surgery Augustus D. Mazzocca, M.S., M.D.
16-010-3 Patient Expectations Related to Satisfaction and Outcomes in Spine Surgery Isaac L. Moss, M.D., M.A.Sc., FRCSC
16-120-3 Insertional Calcific Tendinopathy of the Achilles Tendon as It Relates to Metabolic Disorders Vinayak Sathe, M.D., M.S., FRCS
16-014-3 Outcomes of Arthroscopic Debridement and Capsular Release for Treatment of Glenohumeral Osteoarthritis: A Long Term Follow Up Study Kevin P. Shea, M.D.