Advancing Public Health Policies for Radical Healing

Radical Healing

Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) is excavating and exposing bones buried in basements of America’s health systems and public health infrastructures. Radical healing is the antidote to racial injustice. It is the medicine that promotes wellness in the face of identity-based “wounds.” These wounds include those sustained by racist policies and practices, including exclusion from citizenship and the polity, extreme violence by those paid to serve and protect, and provision of substandard medical care..... continue reading to advance the 5 Radical Healing Principles to advance health equity.

Publication Release: BREATH, EYES, MEMORY: Transforming Health Systems and Advancing Public Health Policies for Radical Healing

Wizdom Powell, Ph.D., M.P.H., Hector Y. Adames, Psy.D., Jioni A. Lewis, Ph.D., Della V. Mosley, Ph.D., Nayeli Chavez- Dueñas, Ph.D., Robyn Anderson, M.S., & Helen Neville, Ph.D.