Health Disparities Institute

Producing evidence-for-action and implementing strategies designed to eliminate health disparities and advance health equity among Connecticut's minority and medically underserved populations.

Community & Technical Assistance Core

Deepening community engagement and cultivating cross-sector collaborations

State of Health Equity among Boys and Men of Color Summit

Transforming Systems for Behavioral Health Equity among Boys and Men of Color

Research, Training, & Leadership Core

Enhancing heqlth equity research, training, and innovation

Data Analytics & Evaluation Core

Changing data-driven & public narratives about vulnerable populations

Resources & Publications

Raising consciousness and motivating actions

Policy & Strategic Communications Core

Suporting policy action and systems change

Upcoming Events

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Recent News & Announcements

Advancing Health Equity in Boys and Men of Color Fund

The Health Disparities Institute is taking part in #UConnGives Affiliates, alliances, friends, you know that the UConn HDI is a recognized force multiplier for the advancement of health equity among boys and men of color (BMOC). BMOC are essential to sustaining innovation and economic vitality in Connecticut and around our nation. Yet, we often lose […]

Announcement: New Policy Brief

The onset of COVID-19 resulted in unprecedented changes in the preferred modality of health services delivery. Safety concerns regarding in-person visits and risk of COVID-19 transmission led policymakers to fully embrace telehealth for clinical care delivery. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services implemented a number of COVID-19 flexibilities and waivers to make telehealth visits […]

HDI is participating in #UConnGives! All Paws In!
Save the Date BMOC Summit 2021

Mark your calendar for #UConnGives on March 23-24 and team up with the UConn Health Disparities Institute (HDI) in gearing up for the #BMOCSummit. What is the #BMOCSummit? Held during Men’s Health Month in June, the community-centered, virtual State of Health Equity among Boys & Men of Color Summit & Ideas Lab will propel research, practice, and policy […]

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