Pediatric Otolaryngology Fellowship

Welcome to the UConn Pediatric Otolaryngology Fellowship at Connecticut Children’s.

The Pediatric Otolaryngology Fellowship Program sponsored by the University of Connecticut is a one year program that provides the fellow with experience in clinical and operative settings. It is a competency based program which emphasizes learning through hands-on experience and offers exposure to the full breath of pediatric otolaryngology. The goal of the program is to produce graduates that are autonomous, enthusiastic and dedicated to the field.

This attitude permeates the entire pediatric otolaryngology staff at Connecticut Children's. Christopher Grindle, M.D. is the program director as well as the co-director of the Connecticut Children's Cochlear Implant program. Along with the other members of the division of pediatric otolaryngology, he is committed to the education and development of new pediatric otolaryngologists.

Diversity and inclusion are foundational elements of the University of Connecticut Pediatric Fellowship Programs at Connecticut Children’s. Consistent with this focus we pursue diversity in all its varied expressions, including but not limited to, gender, race, ethnicity, physical ability, sexual orientation, and gender identity; with the goal of providing an educational environment that fosters the success of learners who are representative of the population of Connecticut, and a clinical environment that provides high quality healthcare to the myriad communities of the State.


The aim of the Pediatric Otolaryngology Program is to train well rounded otolaryngologists who will improve the health of children and adolescents though clinical excellence, research, teaching, community involvement and advocacy. The primary aim of the program is to train a strong clinical pediatric otolaryngologist that is capable of handling the breadth of pediatric otolaryngologic conditions. Skillsets developed include compassion, teamwork, leadership, and strong technical abilities. The goal of the program is to produce graduates that are autonomous, enthusiastic, and dedicated to the field.

  1. The program will be structured to provide a nurturing environment that promotes diversity, wellness, and clinical competence.
  2. The program will utilize the most current education techniques and leverage technology in feedback.
  3. The program will emphasize the ability to teach other learners including medical students, allied health students, residents, and advanced practitioners.
  4. Trainees will play a prominent role in developing the program, conference topics, as well as leadership of the pediatric otolaryngology team. Our fellows spend the majority of their time on clinical service. The service is designed to be supportive including 4 advanced practitioners to help with the necessary work of the day. In addition, wellness is a strong initiative and at weekly education conference, we have utilized a behavioral HR specialist to give us lectures on wellness and stress management. Our program also focuses on clinical competence whereby we structure weekly conferences around pertinent topics in pediatric otolaryngology. We encourage our fellow to go to national meetings and both participate as a learner and instruct as faculty in simulation training.

On behalf of the faculty and staff, we welcome you to explore this program.

Feel free to contact Kierstyn Callahan, program coordinator, at with any questions.