Recent examples of research projects and publications in peer-reviewed journals or presented at national subspecialty conferences or regional professional meetings by neurovascular fellows and fellowship faculty are listed below:


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AAN Conference, Boston, MA, April 2017

  • HSV Encephalitis associated with off-label Rituximab use in relapsing multiple sclerosis, Aparna Vaddiparti M.D., Bharti Manwani M.D., Ph.D., Catherine Hosley MD, Matthew A. Tremblay M.D., Ph.D.
  • A Rare Case of Seasonal Episodic Paroxysmal Hemicrania, Subhendu Rath, Amre Nouh
  • Seeing double: Trigeminal neurotropic melanoma as primary recurrence site, presenting as diplopia, Datta N, Roy B, Bakradze E, Waitzman D.

International Stroke Conference, Houston, TX, February 2017

  • Trends of Angioplasty for Cerebral Vasospasm in Endovascularly Treated Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhages, Tapan Mehta, Smit Patel, Mohammed Hussain, Priya Narwal, Dimitre Mirtchev, Amre Nouh, Martin Ollenschleger, Inam Kureshi
  • Simulation Based Medical Education Improves Door to Needle Times in Acute Ischemic Stroke Management
    Tapan Mehta, Sara Strauss, Dawn Beland, Ilene Staff, Gilbert Fortunado, Nora Lee
  • Early MRI Facilitates Stroke Evaluation and Decreases Length of Stay for Ischemic Stroke Patients, Bharti Manwani, Subhendu Rath, Matthew Woodward, Ilene Staff, Gilbert Forunato, Janhavi Modak, Christoph Stretz, Nora Lee

North East Cerebrovascular Consortium, Newport, RI, October 2016

  • Analysis of a Two-tiered Triage System for Ischemic Stroke and Factors Associated with Delay in Thrombolytic Treatment. Tapan Mehta, Mohammed Hussain, Dawn Beland, Lincoln Abbott, Amre Nouh

Society of Vascular and Interventional Neurology, Brooklyn, NY, November 2016

  • Causes, Cost, and Rate of Readmission in Moyamoya Disease, Tapan Mehta, Jussie Lima, Amit Patel, Mohammed Hussain, Martin Ollenschleger, Inam Kureshi, Amre Nouh
  • New Generation Endovascular Devices Associated with Higher Rates of Functional Independence in Posterior Circulation Stroke, Jussie Lima, Mohammed Hussain, Tapan Mehta, Martin Ollenschleger, Daniel Lee, Charles Bruno, Inam Kureshi, Amre Nouh, Nora Lee