Fellows will travel to locations with increasing complexity in five areas:

  1. Acuity of illness
  2. Scarcity of resource
  3. Cultural/linguistic divergence
  4. Security/safety
  5. Personal comfort accommodations.

Skills Labs

Fellows will participate in “labs” to give them the skills and tools that may be required on deployments.


  • Wilderness medicine
  • Water safety and navigation
  • Vehicle mechanics
  • Ropes, webbing, knots
  • Materials labs
  • Plumbing and pipes
  • Electric and generators
  • Self Defense

Humanitarian Aid Structure

Fellows will gain knowledge about the humanitarian relief sector as well starting with learning about the sphere standards, WHO emergency medical teams and taking part in the health in humanitarian aid course offered through the London School of Tropical Medicine.

Master of Public Health or Master of Business Administration

During the two-year fellowship, the candidate will enroll in and complete a M.P.H. or an M.B.A. depending on their interests.

Goals of M.P.H.

  • Provide a well-rounded foundation to improving the health of a population
  • Understand health administration and structure
  • Understand laws that govern our health care system
  • Understand social determinants of health and ways to mitigate health inequity
  • Learn about infrastructure and environmental factors related to public health
  • Epidemiology and other research methods
  • Quality assurance and improvement
  • Contribute to evidence based research

Goals of M.B.A.

  • Develop a broad framework in administration, management and finance that can apply to aspects of global health and disaster management
  • Understand laws that govern our healthcare system
  • Understand health administration and structure
  • Develop marketing strategies


  • Fellows will teach medical students and residents clinically in Emergency Department
  • Fellows will assist in teaching an austere medicine elective for medical students twice a year

Volunteer Work

  • Optional volunteer work at migrant farm workers clinic and south park clinic