About the Fellowship

Goals of the Program

  1. Train emergency physicians to be flexible, resourceful and competent when working in the setting of international disaster relief and humanitarian aid.
  2. Combine the M.P.H., M.D., and emergency training background with interpersonal and austere skills to develop deployment plans.
  3. Build on emergency medicine residency training by developing addition specific practical skills:
    • Management of patients and staff in distressed settings
    • Self-care and situational awareness in distressed settings
    • Translation of USA emergency medicine patient care skills to low resourced areas
  4. Build relationships in international disaster field for future collaboration and contribute to the professionalization of the field of disaster medicine.
  5. Learn about, teach and contribute to evidence-based best practice in disaster medicine.
  6. Deploy for weeks or months to low resource, clinically challenging, culturally diverse environments for first hand experience.


  • Clinical care adapting
  • Professional development
  • Austere environment skills
  • Building nonclinical knowledge base
  • Preparation for deployment