Sports Cardiology

Sports Cardiology is a new, innovative subspecialty of cardiology that focuses on athletes and highly active people. Our team of sports cardiologists will provide specialized and personalized cardiac care to athletes or highly active people who are at risk for or have already had a cardiac procedure.

Who Should See a Sports Cardiologist?

Professional or college athletes should undergo screening if they have any of the following risk factors:

  • A family history of cardiovascular disease or sudden cardiac death.
  • New symptoms during sports participation such as lightheadedness, dizziness, loss of consciousness, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, or chest discomfort.
  • Abnormal findings of heart murmurs, ECG, echocardiography, or exercise stress test.
  • An unexplained drop in sports performance.

An appointment with a sports cardiologist is also recommended for a highly active person if they have:

  • A history of recent medical or surgical treatments and need clearance to return to athletic activity or sports.
  • Risk factors such as high blood pressure or a history of cardiovascular disease.

The goal of sports cardiology is to help both competitive athletes and highly active people achieve their professional or exercise goals and improve cardiac health.

What Services Does a Sports Cardiologist Provide?

  • A pre-participation physical evaluation and cardiovascular screening.
  • Comprehensive cardiovascular assessment and management.
  • A coordinated diagnostic and treatment strategy with a team of doctors including your primary care doctor, a sports medicine physician, orthopedic specialists, and neurologists.

Our cardiac sports team proudly provides care for the athletes on these teams:

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