Joint Replacement & Preservation

An ailing hip or knee can keep you from doing what you love, even simple tasks like laundry and grocery shopping. If you have tried conservative treatments like physical therapy and medication, but are still experiencing persistent joint pain, stiffness, muscle weakness, and swelling, you may need to consider joint replacement surgery.

Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons perform hundreds of joint replacement procedures, also commonly known as arthroplasty, annually to reduce pain and restore function to your joint. We offer the latest surgical options, including minimally invasive techniques, to get you better and back to life faster. Our comprehensive and collaborative approach includes pain management experts, a specialized rehabilitation team, educational seminars for you and your caregivers, and more.

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Do You Need Joint Replacement Surgery?

The decision to pursue joint replacement is often difficult. It is a major surgery that can significantly improve the quality of your life, but it is not without risks. Fortunately, joint replacement surgery is typically an elective surgery so you have time to discuss your options with your doctor, try more conservative treatments, and prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically for surgery. Here are five signs that it may be time for a joint replacement:

  • Routine tasks have become difficult or impossible.
  • Pain is debilitating, even keeping you up at night.
  • In addition to the physical impact, you are being affected mentally and emotionally.
  • Non-operative treatments such as exercise, physical therapy, medication, and assistive devices are not providing enough relief.
  • Based on your symptoms and particular ailment, you are not a good candidate for alternative procedures.

UConn Health Minute: Rapid Recovery After Joint Replacement

There are around a million hip and knee replacements done every year in the U.S. As UConn Health orthopedic surgeon Olga Solovyova explains, patients are achieving recovery milestones a lot quicker than ever before thanks to a number of new advances.

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‘Walking Was Next to Impossible’ Before Double Hip Replacement

Scott Nelson thought a “wheelchair was in his future” because he could not stand or walk before he turned to UConn Health's Dr. Adam Lindsay for care. Scott was diagnosed with Lyme disease and rheumatoid arthritis, then needed a double hip replacement. Scott has regained full mobility thanks to the comprehensive care of Dr. Lindsay.


We are honored to be designated as a “Blue Distinction Center” for knee and hip replacement. This distinction recognizes health care facilities for their expertise in the safe, efficient, and cost-effective delivery of quality specialty care.

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